Sycamore Hills Board of Trustees, Seat 5

Employer / Organization

Village of Sycamore Hills

Next Election

Apr 07, 2020

Filing Window

Dec 17, 2019 - Jan 21, 2020


The City Council is composed of publicly elected residents of the city to serve as the legislative body of the city. The City Council is responsible for the implementation of programs and services provided by the city, as well as hearing the concerns of local citizens. It is the duty of the mayor, clerk, and councilmembers to ensure the city fulfills its duties under the law and lawfully exercises its powers. The City Council must supervise administrative officers, formulate policies, and exercise city powers. Councilmembers should devote their official time to problems of basic policy and act as liaisons between the city and the general public. Councilmembers should be concerned, not only with the conduct of daily affairs, but also with the future development of the city. In statutory cities, each councilmember, including the mayor, has full authority to make and second motions, participate in discussions, and vote on every matter before the council.

Application Guidelines
1) Contact the appropriate county clerk, city clerk or school board secretary (depending upon the office you are running for) to verify that your address qualifies for the position, and to see if there are any other requirements that might prevent you from running (residency within the district for a certain period of time is frequently a requirement). 2) Obtain the appropriate filing papers from the city elections office, usually found with the City Clerk, however in some cities the position may not exist, so in these instances the person to contact would be the City Secretary or someone in the city administration. For school and fire district positions, candidates must file with their district’s secretary. If there is any difficulty finding someone to speak with at the city, contact the St. Louis County Elections Board office at 314-615-1800 to see if they can give you a point of contact for elections administration within the city. 3) Submit the candidacy papers within the 11-16 week filing window prior to the election. Prior to submitting your candidacy papers, you should arrange an appointment with the City Clerk to go over the required paperwork. City Clerks and Secretaries understand that first time/beginning candidates may need assistance and are available to assist with any questions.

Submit application to:
Village of Sycamore Hills, 2501 Hartland Avenue , Sycamore Hills, Missouri, 63114, US